Monday, 28 March 2011

yeah !! i ♥ blogging 

firstly , i didn't expected that i have a blog . ahahaha :) i don't know what should i wrote . i think it just wasted my time in front of laptop . but now i don't feel like that anymore . that's what i wanna share in my slot this time . :p 

why you love blogging ? 
because with blogging kita dpt luahkan perasaan kita dalam ape jua bentuk such as words , pictures , videos and songs . 

didn't you thought what people will talk something bad about your blog?
pergi mampus la if dyorang nak cakap something bad about my blog 
ada aku kesah ? hahahaha [ ketawa jahat ]

what you feel after post something in your blog ? 
em . rasa tak sabar nak tengok ape yg orang comment . :)

so skunk nie aku suka berblogging . ada saje yang aku nak tulis . ehehehe :) tambah tamabah bila dah ade follower . ehehehe :) aku harap follower aku sentiasa menantikan entry baru aku . eheheh :) [ perasan bagus je aku nie kan :( ] okay la . that's all for now . i will post new entry lagi nnt . bye bloggers sekalian . ngeh ngeh ngeh :)


  1. wahh :D dah pandai bercakap yer .. ngehh >_<

  2. see the hand la . ahahaha . :p
    em . disebabkan awk la . ngeh3x :)

  3. uitt , satu question tertinggal .. what u think about my blogg ? wahh , tetiba kan ??! hahaa ;P